Philopotchos Elects new board, officers; Takes Oath of Office, Donates $70,000 more to the Building Fund

Members of the Philopotchos Board
Members of the Philopotchos Board following the administration of the oath of office, which took place on Father’s Day.

On Pentecost Sunday, the Annunciation Cathedral Ladies Philoptochos met, elected a new Board for 2017-2019 and also elected new officers. The Board received its oath of office on Father’s Day, June 18, at which time Pat Aleck presented an additional check to the Building Fund, on behalf of Philoptochos, in the amount of $70,000., for a total of $267,500. to the Capital Campaign, towards the new Cathedral.

Vasiliki Aglaia Kyriacou

Greek Food Festival, 2017
2017 Mother of the Year Presbytera Vasiliki (Aliki) Kyriacou, shown with Father Stephen, their children Erika and Christopher, and spouses Jim and Irene, and their children.

As announced, our Festival will take place on our grounds at 245 Valencia Street, San Francisco, Friday, September 22, Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24. Food preparation has begun and festival post cards, sponsorship forms, and festival book contract forms for placing ads have all gone out. By now, those who placed an ad in our 2016 Festival book have responded, in most cases renewing their ads.

The Dormition of the Theotokos

One of the major feasts in the Orthodox Church has to do with the Theotokos, the Ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of our Lord. It is the feast of the Dormition, or her “falling asleep.” Some people refer to this event as the “assumption,” because they hold that Mary was bodily assumed into heaven, as our Lord was. Although Orthodox generally hold this view, it is not a dogma in the Orthodox Church.

Haralambos Fragakis Named 2017 Father of the Year

Haralambos Fragakis Named 2017 Father of the Year

Haralambos (Bobby) Fragakis was born on April 12, 1945 in the village of Fourne in Hania, Crete. He is the second youngest from a large family of eight kids. When he was sixteen years old, he decided to quit high school and began working on cargo ships so he can help his family.

When Bobby was twenty years old, he served in the Greek Army’s Paratrooper Raider Forces, also known as “Dynameis Katadromon” for a little over two years. Even though he was in the army, he still continued to assist his family. As a paratrooper, the army would compensate him for each jump he accomplished. He risked his life twenty-two times.

Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen

The Cathedral’s Community Kitchen, which began under the name “Soup Kitchen,” operates the third Tuesday of every month. The volunteer work involves food prep, cooking, hall setup, serving the meal and---so important—cleanup.

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